PÅMINNELSE: Säg NEJ till nätcasinon och online gambling!

Peter Stormare Online Gambling

Peter Stormare har tidigare varit tydlig i sitt avståndstagande gentemot nätcasinon.

Här kommer en påminnelse till varför ni bör säga NEJ till online gambling!

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  1. Ola Andersson skriver:

    Jag högaktar dej Peter Stormare som vågar säga ifrån och inte faller in i girigheten som många av dina s.k kollegor. Du är ett föredöme milt sagt.

  2. Tina Namdar skriver:

    Dear Peter,

    I just wanted to thank you for bringing this very important issue up. It’s baffled me how every single advert on tv either has gambling or Sms loans both to get people either addicted or in debt.

    How the government allows for these adverts to keep showing no matter where they have been televised they should be banned.

    Even more that celebrities like you put it pretending they play when they clearly don’t is such a low point. Even celebrities like Zlatan which young boys look up to and who clearly doesn’t need to money has started his own online betting, crazy!

    Anyways thank you, thank you, thank you, finally someone Is saying something on the topic.

    It would be cool if you ever had the time to present some kind of Motion at the Riksdag/parliament here in Stockholm, I would happily have my friend in parliament push this for you together with him, I think the government needs to do something about this, banning their advertising on tv, radio and everywhere.

    I’d happily put you in contact and I really think schools need to inform kids of the dangers of them.

    I work as a teacher in Stockholm and already see this as a urgency.

    Kind regards
    Tina Namdar

  3. David Frost skriver:

    As an appreciative fan of all of your performances, I completely agree with your reasoning about online gambling being self-destructive behavior. I am a Retired U.S History/ U.S. Government-Teacher in L.A., a year older than you, Mr. Stormare (nee, Storm) at 67.4. Please accept my gratitude for your memorable and often striking performances from the Russian astronaut in Armageddon to Satan in Constantine. YOU always surprise me and I often find that I seek your name outright, now, in the roster for any movie, disappointed if I DON’T see you in it, especially if I see a movie, and then think to myself, Peter Stormare would have torn that ’part’ APART ! ALL the Best of INNER CONTENTMENT, Satisfying Prosperity, and the FINEST of Health, through all the decades to come, Mr. Stormare.

  4. Leo Tiid skriver:

    Jag högaktar din inställning till online spel. Av egen erfarenhet inom familj vet jag att lyckospel kan vara ett fördärv. Stå på dig!

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